Things I Forgive


the calls/ the way goodbye seemed the easiest for you/ that night in June you told me you would try/ the way you tried/ the way I forgave your absences/ that morning in August you told me you could not/ that night I begged for you to stay/ the nights I begged after/ and then the nights/ the good/ the bad/ the days that passed not knowing if we were still trying/ the days you made me feel like I was not worth it


and then the loneliness/ silences/ the way I kept my mouth shut to keep you/ the way you found your ways around it/ everything was always a prelude to leaving


there was no goodbye


A letter to God

when you were molding my heart,

did you mean to fill it up with so much sadness?

I know I should not, but I still sat there like a child waiting for you to come pick me up.

you did not, which is right, which is what I deserve.

why would I want all the things I should not ask for.